Eye Tutorial: Blue Eye Shadow

Some women are really scared of blue eye shadow. And as neutral lover myself, I can admit that delving farther into the color spectrum can be a little nerve-wracking. But, I was feeling a little adventurous yesterday and so, I found myself reaching for my blue Studio Secrets eye shadow palette from L’Oreal (their palettes are awesome, by the way).

blue eyeshadow1and2

1. Apply a pale blue base shadow to the entire lid.

2. Apply a medium blue shade to the outer third of the lid.


3. Apply a darker blue shade to the crease and then blend out. We don’t want any harsh lines, especially with a non-neutral shade.

4. Apply eyeliner to the upper and lower water line. I used a dark brown liner because I feel like black can be a little too harsh on me.

5. Apply mascara (again, I went with dark brown) and highlighter to the inner corners and below the outer part of the brow bone.


It has been a long time since I have deviated neutral shades, and I was impressed with the result. Turns out, blue isn’t so scary after all!

Do you stick with neutral eye shadow or are you more adventurous with the color spectrum?



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  1. This is such a nice eye look for your eyes, it makes them stand out! I get so nervous when I stray away from my browns/neutral shades but I like to mix it up a little bit too. I might try and wear some color this week and see what happens.

    1. Thanks. I was nervous when I wasn’t going for my pinks or golds! There has to be at least one non-neutral that suits you – you’ve just got to experiment. :)

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